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ALLANSMAGIC can provide family entertainment for all ages suitable for private functions or corporate events in and around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Comedy Magic Show: The 30 minute show is fun filled and interactive with the focus on enjoyment and no one is made to feel uneasy The comedy magic show is ideal for private house parties or after-dinner events.

Mind Reading Show: For a “Derren Brown” type experience, this show is ideal for more sophisticated audiences and you will be amazed with the mind-reading skills of Allan…..we know what you know™

The Brandwashed Experience: This presentation has been devolped around Martin Lundstorm’s book “Brandwashed” and shows how you can be persuaded to make buying decisions. During the show a mixture of psychological illusion and misdirection techniques will demonstrate why you buy !

Close Up Magic: Dynamo has made close-up magic very popular and we can provide great intimate entertainment at dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, or any formal occasion. Close-up magic can be performed in a strolling environment, at the dinner table or at a formal seated show and makes for amazing entertainment that your guests will remember for a long time.

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