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4 - 8 Year Olds

All our children’s parties have a mixture of magic, games, dancing and fun rather than the old fashioned way of having the kids sit still for an hour!

We offer 2 totally different party packages :- firstly due to their age and concentration span, for 4 year olds we perform our hilarious 45 minute show.

For 5-8 ages we offer our 75 minute DIAMOND SHOW. The party starts with a 15 minute mini disco. This adds more of the WOW factor and party atmosphere as the children arrive. This is followed by a 60 minute show which includes some of our unique tricks that has won the prestigious SCOTTISH CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER of the YEAR TWICE.

Both shows are packed with with loads of Fun, Dancing, Games and of course Heaps & Heaps of MAGIC with the birthday child performing a magic trick at the end and being the star of show.

We include a P.A & sound system for the music and games so it is suitable for a hall or larger venue.

Our games have been re-engineered to keep all the kids “in” making sure nobody is left out. We also supply all the small prizes as well !

If the party is in your home then a 45 minute version is available at a reduced price, please contact for more details.

ALLANSMAGIC are based in Inverurie and Portlethen allowing us to easily provide children’s entertainers in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray.

Please CONTACT us for more information.

All prices include travel within a 20 mile radius of Aberdeen – a surcharge of £10.00 per 10 miles outside this radius applies. Please contact for a quote.

A Complete Party Package for All Ages

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